As a newbie blogger, I know how frustrating it can be when you are starting out. You don’t know if you should be using or

You have this great idea or passion you want to follow and possibly turn into a successful blog but getting started doesn’t seem as easy as you thought it would be.

I mean how hard can it really be to just start a blog? That was my initial thought when I started my blogging journey. One of the challenges I faced was not knowing which blogging platform to use for my blog. I didn’t even know there were two different kinds of WordPress platforms.

As a newbie, you only want the best for your blog and don’t want to make a mistake by choosing the wrong platform. That’s why I decided to briefly explain the difference between the two blogging platforms and also make you aware of the features that they offer.

So, let’s get started! is free to set up and includes spam and security protection. So, if you don’t want to spend money just yet and would like to experience blogging first before going all in, then this platform might work for you. This is when you want to start a blog for FREE.

The downside to this blogging platform is that you cannot make money from your blog. You are also limited when it comes to customization and theme options.

You also don’t have the option to run your own ads and WordPress will thus display ads for you. This blogging platform does offer support for when you get stuck or experience a problem.

With this platform, your blog is also not independent but rather part of a network of blogs.

This type of blog is great for beginner’s who are starting out but aren’t sure whether they want to blog fulltime or create a business from it. gives you the opportunity to experience blogging, without having to spend money on something you are not yet sure of.

Now a lot of beginner’s might be scared of when they are starting out because it can seem technical and overwhelming. But once you get to know this blogging platform, it becomes so easy and effective. You wouldn’t want to try any other platform.

The great thing about is that you aren’t limited to just a blog. You can use it for a website and for e-commerce. So yes, you can make money if you’re using!

This is probably one of the best platforms if you want to turn your blog into a successful business.

With you can run your own ads and your customization options increase drastically.

You have access to unlimited themes and thousands of plugins to choose from. These can be used to make your blog function and look the way you want it to.


For example, if you don’t want people to spam your comments section at the end of your blog posts you can install a plugin called Akismet Anti-Spam.

This plugin will go through scan your comments and filters out all the spam comments for you. This plugin is the same software/plugin that uses to battle spam.

That’s the power you’ll have when you make use of Now as a beginner you probably will get stuck from time to time and that’s normal, but don’t worry.

There are thousands of bloggers online that offer tutorials, guides and how to videos to assist beginners in WordPress. There is a massive community online that covers the usage of

I recommend wpBeginner whenever you get stuck or have a problem. It is a website for newbie WordPress users and offers great tips and tutorials. I personally used this site when I started out and still do when I experience an issue now and then. also offers support if you can’t find a solution to your problem online or elsewhere.

You’ll have to get your own hosting and domain if you are using this blogging platform. So, it isn’t free to set up and will cost you about $10 – $15 dollars a year for your domain and $2 – $5 dollars a month for hosting.

My verdict

If you see blogging as a hobby and would just like to do it for fun and not wanting to face the frustration of building and optimizing your blog into a fully-fledged business, then you should go with

On the other hand, if you want to use blogging as a method to build a potentially successful online business that you can earn revenue from, then you should definitely go with It offers you all the features you’ll need to get your blogging business started.

If you want to start a blog, then check out our post: “How to Easily Start a Blog“.

I would also like to mention that these aren’t the only blogging platforms that exist. There are other platforms you can check out if you’d like. These include:

Some of these platforms don’t specialise in blogging like WordPress, but they do offer you the option of having a blog on your site. Check them out and pick one that meets your needs and demands.

Happy blogging!