When you start blogging, you will realize that a lot of bloggers are talking about why you need a premium theme. I’ve seen so many bloggers talk about this since I first started learning about blogging. But why do you need a premium theme?

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Aren’t the current FREE themes within WordPress good enough? Well, they most certainly are.

Themes that are within the WordPress theme directory have to go through numerous tests and a strict review process to even be considered for placement within the WordPress directory, this ensures that they meet a certain standard.

But if FREE WordPress themes in the directory are good enough, why do I need to upgrade? Here’s why you need a premium theme:

Why you need a premium theme

Unique theme

Having a unique theme is important if you want to stand out. So many new bloggers use the same free themes from the WordPress theme directory.

This is perfectly fine, but you will struggle to make your website look different from someone else’s who is also using the same theme, unlike with a premium theme. With a premium theme, you can get that unique look you are aiming for.

It is possible to get a unique look when you are using a free theme, it will just be much easier to do with a premium theme. Saving you a lot of time and effort.

Variety of features and functionality

When you start building your blog/website, you realize that you need certain features or functions to enhance your website. Free themes make it extremely difficult in this aspect, as you will most likely need to install different plugins to get those features and functions.

But the real problem is, those free themes and plugins don’t always work together, and this can damage your website.

Developers of premium themes keep this in mind when developing themes. They include features and functions in their themes, that people usually want, for example, Elegant Themes has quite a few unique features from their Divi theme:

These features help you create the perfect website/blog. Allowing you to add the features you need to enhance your website and create a better experience for your audience.

Support and Updates

What I love about premium themes, is the continued support and updates of their themes. The developers of free themes do offer updates, but they are not as frequent as those of premium themes.

The developers of free themes do not have the same funding as those of premium theme developers, that’s why they can’t provide updates as frequent.

The support of premium themes is also much better than those of free themes. Most of the time with free themes, they only have a basic forum where you will have to post your problem and hope someone can help you or you will have to search through all the posts and hope for an answer.

There are however a lot of free themes who do offer great support, so don’t let this scare you.

Premium themes, on the other hand, do have great support, for example, at elegant themes you can either search for a solution to your problem in their forums or open a ticket and someone will help you fix your problem.

Support and Updates is a big a reason why you need a premium theme.


When you use free themes, there will always be the risk of viruses infiltrating your website or malicious code being added to your theme. This can cause a lot of problems for you.

The developers of premium themes will always make sure that their themes are secure enough for you.

Online security is extremely important, don’t make the mistake of not taking that into mind. You can always do research on free themes before installing them. Not all of them are a security risk, but there are those who are.


Some premium themes offer built-in SEO features to help you improve your SEO. An extra SEO boost is always great. This, however, isn’t usually available with free themes.

Both free and premium themes will require either hands-on SEO management or plugins to help you manage your SEO, but premium themes can give you an extra boost, by adding an SEO feature.

Check out our post: “Basics of SEO for New Bloggers“, if you are unfamiliar with SEO.

Guides and tutorials

What I struggled the most with when I just started blogging, is to figure out how our theme actually worked. We didn’t start out using a premium theme, we tested a few free themes. Some themes were great, others not so much.

What frustrated me the most about it was the lack of guides and tutorials available for those themes.

Each theme had the general customization options, that all themes have, but they had a unique layout of their own. It took a lot of time to figure out how each theme worked.

The guides and tutorials were also hard to follow and not as helpful as I would have liked, this is mostly because I was a complete beginner and didn’t know anything about WordPress. If I were to follow the tutorials now, it would be a lot easier.

Premium themes, on the other hand, do have much better guides and tutorials, from my experience at least. For example, Elegant themes have great tutorials on their website and YouTube channel.

These tutorials help guide new users and recurring users on how to use their themes and features.

What also makes premium themes great, is the fact that a lot of these themes are popular, and it is because of this popularity that people in the web design community will create tutorials on these themes to help people create their own websites.

The more popular a theme, the more guides, and tutorials you will find about theme online. Guides and tutorials are a great reasons why you need a premium theme.

Do you need a premium theme?

This is an important question, as you don’t want to waste money on a premium theme which you don’t need. Some of the themes can be quite expensive. You need to ask yourself:

  • Are you happy with the function and features that your theme offers?
  • Are you only blogging for fun or do you want to turn your blog into a business?
  • Can you make your theme look unique on your own?
  • Can you get enough support for your theme when a problem occurs?

If you do aim to turn your blog into a business or said no to most of these questions, then I would recommend you upgrade to a premium theme.

There a lot of options, but some of the most popular WordPress theme marketplaces to consider are:

I hope this post has helped you understand why you need a premium theme for your WordPress Blog.

Good Luck!