What should I blog about? Probably the most important and first question any aspiring blogger asks themselves before pursuing their blogging journey.

It is a difficult question to answer because at times you have no idea and other times you want to write about everything, well for me it was like that.

That’s what I experienced but it’s because I had the wrong idea. See when I first heard that you can earn a revenue from blogging, the first thing that popped into my mind was, what’s the most popular topic I can blog about?

Like most people, I immediately jumped on that train. You know the one where you think by getting involved with the most popular niche it’ll help you earn more revenue overnight without having to work hard. I was lazy and wanted the easy way out but that is the wrong idea.

My mistake

I learned a valuable lesson by going on that road. I wanted to blog about literally the most popular and broadest topic there is. Which was a big mistake…

The thing is, at first you think about the income. That’s all I thought of, the revenue I’ll earn. You have all these great ideas on what you’re going to write about and how you’ll monetize, but when it came to the actual writing that’s when it started to hit me.

This exact sentence popped into my head “I’m trying to write about a popular topic I know nothing of but want to monetize through it by being an expert on it.” I mean what else would you be if you write about something. It must be something you know quite a lot of.

It made no sense. To achieve this idea, I had to go learn about the topic first, become familiar with it and then only start my blog, which is possible but would take significantly longer.

But that’s not the only thing that was making my blogging journey difficult. When I actually started writing a few posts I realised how quickly I became bored and frustrated at what I’m writing about.

I hated it. If I could do something instead of writing another damn blog post I’d be happy. It wasn’t the writing that annoyed me it was writing about the wrong topic that was.

Choose something you like

Trust me. If you want to blog for a living and earn revenue from your blog, you’re going to want to choose a topic you like to write about because you’re most likely going to blog about it every day.

Once you start blogging, the topic or niche basically becomes part of your life and you do it every day. Especially when you want to deliver quality content and unique content that your competitors don’t have or delivers.

It’s going to become a part of your life if it’s a business venture. Remember businesses are an ongoing process and it’s not once-off. It needs continuous management and your blog will be your business.

I know the first thing that might come to your mind is “I can’t earn revenue by writing about what I like, it’s boring and how do I monetize it?”

Trust me if you like something, then chances are that there are other’s who also like the same thing. See blogging is about helping, inspiring, or relating to other people, that’s how you get an audience.

I can assure you that you can monetize from literally any topic, whether it be painting or Lego’s whatever it is if you can write content in the form of tips, guides, that is relatable or provides any sort of value to others you can monetize from it.

You can earn revenue by writing about your passions, it is possible. Yes, it’ll still be hard work but if it’s really your passion, it won’t be.

So, ask yourself again what should you blog about?

My honest opinion: something you can’t stop thinking about. Something you do every day. That something you wish you could do instead of working. It is a topic you can literally write 100 blog posts about in a single day.

Check out this post: How to Choose The Perfect Niche for Your Blog. This will certainly help you decide on what you should blog about.

Happy Blogging!