Affiliate marketing can make you a lot of money, many new bloggers use affiliate marketing as their only source of income. The reason for this is, is because of how easy it is to join an affiliate program. But how do actually promote affiliate products?

There is actually quite a few ways you can promote affiliate products, each of them having a unique approach.

Great ways to promote affiliate products:

1. Banner Ads on your blog

Banners ads on your blog is a great way to promote affiliate products. It can easily be placed next to all of your blog posts. Banners ads are mostly used for Google Ads, but it can work for affiliate product placements as well. Like this one:

Most affiliate program’s offer banner ads for you to use on your site. These banners perfectly showcase their product and branding, helping you promote their product much better.

2. Ad campaigns

Ad campaigns are another way to promote affiliate products online. This can be done through Google AdWords. A lot of marketers use ad campaigns to directly target a specific group of people.

This is quite an efficient way to promote affiliate products, as they don’t have to be on your website to see the Ad.

3. Social Media

Social media is such a great place to promote affiliate products. There are millions of people online, its a huge open market.

It is quite an important resource for marketers and if you are not using it, then you need to rethink your marketing strategy.

Social media is great, because of one big reason. FREE Audience. You just need to promote your content and products.

Social media has the power to increase your reach drastically.

4. Product reviews

Reviewing an affiliate product can bring in a lot of readers, this is because people do background checks on a product before they buy them. I know I do it, I always make sure od the following:

  • Is it of high quality?
  • Does it fulfill its purpose?
  • What do people have to say about the product? and
  • Are there any better alternatives?

You have to be unbiased when you are reviewing a product. People will trust you more if you are honest about the product and give a valid opinion.

5. Through Email Marketing

Promoting products to your email list can bring in a lot of sales because those people most likely already trust you.This is because they have voluntarily signed up to your email list.

This is not the same as when you buy an email and spam them with promotional emails. Don’t ever do that, it will only damage your credibility.

If you can build a huge email list and promote the right product, then you are sitting on a gold mine.

If done right, you will be able to convince a lot of the people on your email list to buy an affiliate product and increase your sales.

6. Create a niche site focused on a specific product

An interesting method that I’ve seen people use, is when marketers create websites focused specifically on one product that they want to promote, for example, Elegant Themes is popular for its affiliate program amongst bloggers, like me.

People have started websites that are focused specifically on promoting Elegant Themes, this has allowed them to increase the traffic to their website and potentially increasing their sales.

There is a drawback to this method, you are stuck with this product. You can’t promote anything else and if something were to happen to that product, then your sales will be affected.

7. Using Promotional deals

Promotional deals are a great way to bring in sales quickly, as they usually consist of a product’s price being lowered for a period of time.

A great example is Black Friday or Cyber Monday, where products are sold at a discounted price.

Most companies with affiliate programs will take part in events like Black Friday and this will allow you to bring in more sales.

People love discounts!

8. Product tutorials/guides

Explaining how a product works through a tutorial or a guide is another way you can attract people to your website.

Tutorials will help your readers understand how the product works and help them determine if it will work for them.  Guides are also a great way to show your audience a product before they buy it, it’s like a preview of what they can expect.

Your audience will be able to see what the product is all about from a practical approach, rather just from an informational approach.

9. In a blog post

A basic method you can use is to mention an affiliate product in a blog post. This can be as simple as just providing an affiliate link to a product.

This is a method you can use to ensure that your readers see the product that you are promoting, it can work quite well if you know how to use this method effectively.

10. A resource page

Resource pages are one of the best places to promote a product. Resource pages are sometimes called “What I use” and it is basically the resources you use to run your blog. You can list all the products and services that you use, both free and paid.

Most marketers or entrepreneurs use the products they promote; so it will be extremely beneficial if you did the same on your resource page.

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money online, as thousands of people use it. Some people make a lot and others struggle. It is all about finding the right product and having a great marketing strategy.

I hope this post has helped you in finding new ways to promote affiliate products or has sparked an idea of how you can improve your current methods.

If you haven’t found an affiliate program to join, then check out our post: “The Gateway to Finding Affiliate Programs“. This post will certainly help you find the right affiliate program for you.

Good luck!