What layout should you use for your blog? This can be a puzzling question, especially when you are just starting out. There are many types of layouts that you can use for your blog, a few of them will be mentioned in this post.

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The type of layout you choose will depend on a lot of things, such as the style you want to represent with your blog or how much content you want to show.

When it comes to a blog’s layout, you have to consider what would be the best for your audience. Do they want a simple design or do they want to see a lot of content? There are quite a few things you have to consider.

Layouts that you can use for your blog:



This is pretty simple layouts that you can use for your blog. The minimalistic design (which basically means: “Plain and simple”) is used when you want to keep your design simple.

You don’t want to choose a design that has too many sidebars and content boxes. Your audience might feel that there is too much information on one page and it might just be too complex. It might be too hard to keep up with the amount of information being displayed.

This design is perfect for bloggers when just starting out,  because you won’t have a lot of content to show. That means using fewer content and sidebar boxes.

An important design principle that you should always remember is the acronym “KISS – Keep it simple stupid”.

Sometimes we tend to overthink when we are designing something, so keep it simple!


Sidebar with Multiple Boxes

The multiple box layouts that you can use for your blog have a lot more to show, than a simple blog design. You can use this type of layout to show things such as featured posts, most popular posts, and an author box.

The possibilities are endless, you can show whatever you want to. This is one of the best layout options, as it doesn’t show too much content and not too little, in my opinion.

It is important to create a layout that can be navigated through quickly. This layout can show the most important section or posts on your website.


Unique Layouts

The next 3 layouts that you can use for your blog are all unique. First the header/banner layout; this is a layout used to promote something. A lot of bloggers use the header/banner as a call to action to promote an eBook or a product.

This is a great place to do that because it is the first thing people see when they visit your blog/website.

The second option; the one with no sidebar. This design is used if you just want a straightforward design. This is a lot like the minimalistic design, but the reader’s attention won’t be drawn towards the sidebar.

This type of design is popular with normal websites that aren’t blog related as they want the reader to view important information from the top to the bottom, unlike a blog, where you showcase a lot of different sections/posts from your blog.

The last option has a lot of content boxes, as well as sidebars on both sides. This is usually only popular with news sites. They tend to create a lot of different content and they need to be able to show all of the newest content on their homepage. This is only possible with a design like this.

This can be a bit much for the average reader. If you need to post a lot of different content, then this type of blog layout will be the right fit for you.

Important things to consider

There are a few things to consider when choosing a blog layout:

  • Do you want a sidebar?
  • Do you want a sidebar on the left or the right?
  • Will each content or sidebar box have a purpose? Or will it just waste space?
  • Do you have a product, eBook or course that you want to promote?
  • Will the design fit your type of blog?
  • Does your website theme allow to customize the layout?

These are all things that I have mentioned in the post and it is important to consider them. It is okay to test different designs from time-to-time. Just be careful as to not change the design every day or every week. This can irritate your readers who visit your site often.

If you are in doubt about your blog layout’s design, just remember:

KISS (Keep it simple stupid)!

If your themes don’t allow you to customize your layouts to your liking, then you need to consider using a premium theme. We wrote a post about “Why you need a premium theme for your blog” if you want to see a few more reason why you need to upgrade to a premium theme.

I highly recommend using Elegant Themes, they offer some of the best premium themes in the world.

Happy Designing.