We all get tired and forgetful at times. It’s normal and this can sometimes affect the quality and standard of our blog posts. There are a few things we need to consider before you publish your blog post.

It is important that you have some sort of checklist to make sure that each blog post meets a certain standard before posting it.

This way you can ensure that your blog post makes sense and does what it’s supposed to do.

Whether that is generating leads, explaining something or reporting on recent events. After all you want your readers to understand what your blog is about, right?

So, what are a few things you to need consider before you publish your blog post?

Things to consider before you publish your blog post


Grammar is a very important aspect and is something you have to check before posting your blog. If you’re not sure whether you are using the right grammar in your posts make use of Grammarly.

I personally use it and it really does help a lot. Grammarly is a free tool you can use and it makes sure that everything you type is clear, effective and mistake-free.

I highly recommend you check it out, especially if you’re a blogger.

Does your post answer the question in your title?

If the heading or title of your post is a question, then the rest of your post should be about the answer or solution to that question. This is a common mistake that I’ve made quite a number of times. It is so easy to get carried away and completely forget what you’re actually writing about.

Believe me, it does happen. So before posting a blog post make sure that your post does answer the question you are discussing.

Read through your entire post and try to understand it as if you were in your reader’s position. Does it make sense and does the answer present itself clearly within your post?

Does your post correspond with your title?

This is very similar to the question and answer scenario we have just discussed. Your post and the title of your post should complement each other. There has to be a relation between the two if you don’t want to create confusion or frustrated readers.

Don’t try and fool your readers by using a fancy title to catch their attention just to give them a blog post about something completely different. People don’t like click-bait, and this can create a bad image or association for your brand and blog.

People will actually take the time to warn others when a post is just clickbait. You don’t want that otherwise you’ll never get any readers and then you can’t monetize. Be honest and keep your post and title related to one another.

Check your post’s SEO

SEO is what’s going to help your post get found by your readers. Some basics to consider include:

  • Make sure you include some relevant keywords or phrases in your blog post and also within your title.
  • Make sure you have included some relevant tags for your blog post.
  • When you have images within your post make sure you have given the images you use relevant titles and also make sure you have given them a description and included alt text. Remember it should have relevance with regards to your blog post.

These are a few of the basics you should start to perform out of habit. So, make sure these three are checked off before posting your blog.

They do help your post get categorized and when someone searches for a keyword and your post matches the keyword, you have a greater chance of getting found by your readers.

Always save a copy of your post

You never know what might happen, you might accidentally delete a post or delete the wrong post. That’s why after each post you publish, make sure that you save a copy of that exact post somewhere.

You have to be prepared for when an issue arises. If someone hacks into your site and deletes your content think of how much work it would be to write all those posts again. Always have a copy for each post you publish!

Make sure you credit sources that you used or quoted

It is always wise to credit and mention the relevant sources that you used or quoted in your blog post, before you publish your blog post. You don’t want to get in trouble due to plagiarism or by using someone else’s content, images or resources without crediting them.

I’m sure other bloggers won’t mind if you use their images they created to explain something or by using their quotes just make sure you give them credit.

Make sure each post suits your personality or brand

If you have a certain brand that you want to portray or want people to think of you in a certain way make sure that this can be seen or felt through your blog posts.

If you want to portray yourself as the fitness freak, then your blog post should also be written in the manner and personality style a fitness freak talks or behaves.

Also, keep this personality or behavior consistent with each post, so that you can create that brand personality or association you want people to know you as.

By simply checking these basics for every post you will be able to create more quality looking and structured posts. It will also help you with your SEO in a lot of ways.

So, make sure that you check each of these elements off before you publish a post. Deliver the best content you can to keep your audience engaged and satisfied.

Check out our “Ultimate Blog Post Checklist“, if you want to get the most out your blog posts.