Running a social media channel is no easy task, especially when you already have a massive following. It just makes it so much more complex.

You have to continuously keep your followers satisfied or entertained depending on what you do.

Not attending to them could cost you followers or leave you with a lot of angry followers lashing out at you on your social media page.

Your social media page/channel is a platform where you can connect and communicate with your audience personally. It is a great tool and can be used to create personal relationships with your audience.

There are a few things you should consider when you are starting your own social media page for your blog.

I call them the do’s and don’ts of social media. It’s a few guidelines to help you better manage your social media page and to avoid mistakes most people make in the beginning.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media:

Include a Personality

Including a personality on your social media page is a key ingredient. People relate to other people who have similar characteristics, beliefs, and values as them.

By having a personality for your social media page, you will improve your chances of gaining followers. They will most likely relate to your niche, content and the personality of your social media page.

Think of your social media page as a person. You can include your own personality or go with the personality of your business or blog’s brand.

Try to avoid controversial topics

There is nothing wrong with stating your opinion but as a brand or business, it would be wise to stay away from topics that are controversial.

This is because people might misinterpret or perceive something differently than you do. We all know how people on social media can make something that seemed small and innocent, as something big, due to different perceptions and beliefs.

It’s simple, don’t entertain controversy on your social media pages. People online are quick to point out your mistakes and bring them to the spotlight.

This can really damage your brand, so it would be best to keep your social media pages clean and as far as possible from topics that could harm its reputation and value.

Link your website/blog

Some bloggers forget to link their blog on their social media page. This is a silly mistake that should be avoided, as you could imagine how many readers or potential sales you could lose out on.

Your followers would like to find a link to your blog or site quickly and easily, so be sure to include it on your social media page.

Don’t use irrelevant hashtags

I’ve seen a few bloggers do this and it is not something I’d advise you do. This can frustrate people, for example, if someone uses a particular hashtag to find something and stumble onto your content which didn’t relate to their hashtag, then they will certainly become annoyed.

People will actually take the time to comment and exploit the fact that you use irrelevant hashtags. Don’t do this just so you could gain readers and followers.

Keep your hashtags relevant to your content and posts, to avoid a bad reputation online or to avoid being seen as someone who just wants to attract readers.

Yes, that will be your goal but don’t try and deceive people. Some people won’t mind but others might get really annoyed.

Engage with your followers

Make your social media page feel alive by continuously engaging with your followers. This can be done by commenting and/or liking their posts on your page. Make it known that you value and appreciate their likes and comments.

People will feel like you really care about them when you respond to them. It also gives your page life and it doesn’t make it seem like there is no one there that listens.

Give your audience a human interaction.

Failure to respond to problems and issues

This should be your first priority when managing your social media page. Whenever someone has an issue or problem that needs to be solved, you should attend or comment on it immediately or at least try your best to do so.

People can really get frustrated if they have to wait to get assistance. Especially when experiencing a faulty product or when having issues with a particular topic or product.

By not attending to their issues immediately or as quickly as possible, it only worsens the issue at hand.

Make sure that when someone comments on your social media page, that you reply to them as soon as possible. Try and resolve problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Don’t fail to respond to problems or issues! Also, don’t take too long.

Use high-quality images

By using high-quality images for your posts on social media, it allows you make a good first impression. It is also nicer on the eyes and makes your brand seem “legit” and of higher quality and standards.

Check out our post: “Where to Find Beautiful Images for Your Blog“. You can use these methods for social media as well.

Don’t allow the use of vulgar language

If you want your social media page to look professional and make a good impression, then the use of vulgar language on your page can make it seem like your brand or page is anything but that.

If you see someone is using vulgar language on your social media page, let that person know that you condemn the use of such language. Make sure you remove their comments immediately if it doesn’t align with your rules & regulations.

You should make your followers aware of the fact that you will not accept such behaviour and that all comments containing vulgar language will be deleted.

This will help you create a more professional social media page.

Follow industry leaders and influencers in your niche

You should use your social media page not just to focus on gaining readers or increasing your revenue but also to gain insight and ideas from top industry leaders or influencers in your niche.

By following these people, you can keep up with the latest developments in your niche. You also potentially also ideas for content, topics to cover and/or product ideas.

This is a great way to stay relevant as you can see what your competition is doing and perhaps come up with ways to do what they do, better or more efficiently.

Don’t spam

Don’t share the same piece of content over and over again just so that you can be seen or get found.

People generally hate spam and would most likely get frustrated and annoyed if they keep seeing the same piece of content over and over again.

Rather share fresh content. If one piece of content isn’t getting viewers, its fine, move on. Don’t force content down on people.