Social media has been here for a long time and it will most likely be here forever. People love connecting and they love sharing every bit of their life with their friends, family and the rest of the online world.

Social media has helped us to share information faster then we have ever thought possible and has helped us stay connected.

For a lot of people online, sharing is just sharing. But for influencers, marketers, and bloggers, it’s more than that.

We want to get the most out of social media as possible. Getting the most out of social media requires you to stay up to date with new features, tool, and trends of social media. But sometimes this isn’t enough.

Sometimes you just need to consider one simple thing. Timing!

Have you ever wondered if there was a specific time you should post your photo, blog post or video?

The answer is, Yes!

Posting at specific times and on specific days have been known to increase the amount of exposure your posts get. This means more engagement with your posts, which is what we all want.

To help set you on the right path, we will be looking at CoSchedule’s collection of studies on “The Best Times to Post on Social Media”.

They have collected a bunch of studies and identified a few specific days and times that will help you reach more people online.

The following is a list of social media channels, what days you should post on and on what times:


Best Days:

  • Thursday;
  • Friday;
  • Saturday; and
  • Sunday.

Best Times:

  • 9 am;
  • 1 pm; and
  • 3 pm.


Best day:


Best Times:

  • 12 pm;
  • 3 pm;
  • 5 pm; and
  • 6 pm.


Best Days:

  • Tuesday;
  • Wednesday; and
  • Thursday

Best Times:

  • 7 – 8 am;
  • 12 pm; and
  • 5 – 6 pm.


Best Days:

  • Saturday; and
  • Sunday

Best Times:

  • 2 pm;
  • 9 pm; and
  • 2 am.


Best Days:

  • Monday; and
  • Thursday.

Best Times:

  • 2 am;
  • 8 – 9 am; and
  • 5 pm.


Best Day:


Best Times:

  • 9 am;
  • 11 am;
  • 12 pm; and
  • 1 pm.

The times and days identified here are only meant to be used as a guideline to help get you started. If really know want what the best time to post on social media is, then you need to do consider a few things.

Where is your audience from?

The people who see or interact with your social media posts is a key element to understanding what day and time you should be posting on social media.

Are you targeting people who are local to you, do they live in the same area as you or in the same state/province.

Do they live in the same country or are they in another country?

Different time zones can affect how well your posts do on social media. You need to consider the different time zones before you post something online.

If you are targeting people in a different country, then you need to take into account how many hours you are ahead or behind and use this information to change when you are going to post on social media.

For example; if I was 8 hours ahead of my most active audience and the best time to post is 12 pm, then I wouldn’t be posting at 12 pm, I will post at 8 pm in my local time.

What are your niche’s most active days?

Your niche also has an effect on when you should post on social media. Some niches are more popular than others on certain days of the week.

For example, business-related niches are more popular during weekdays, this is because people are working, and they are thinking involved with business-related topics.

Travel, sports, and music events, on the other hand, are more popular on weekends. People tend to leave work for the week and enjoy themselves on the weekend. This where popular topics like travel and sports stand out.

Understanding your niche is key to identifying when people will be more active online and increase the chance of people seeing your posts.

Did you check your social media channel’s analytics?

This is for those of you who do have a few posts on social media and has activated the analytics on their social media channels. For example, on Instagram, you can only see stats or analytics if you have a business account.

Make sure you activate your analytics on your social media channels if you want to use this feature to increase your exposure online.

Analytics help us identify which posts are more popular, what gender is more active, what locations are the most active and at what times do you get more engagement.

Some of the analytical tools you can check out are:

  • Twitter Analytics;
  • Instagram Insights;
  • Facebook Insights; and
  • Pinterest Analytics.

Analytics or insights are great tools to use if you already have an audience and you want to use the data gathered from this audience to increase the amount of exposure you receive.

There are a lot of things to consider if you want to find the best time to post on social media, but if you take into consideration the following:

  • Popular days;
  • Popular times;
  • Time zones;
  • Your niche’s active hours; and
  • Your analytics.

Then you will do great. There is no exact time to post on social media, as social media is changing rapidly, just like people are.

But, you can always keep an eye on your audience and trends, by doing this, will you be able to make the best decision possible at that specific time.

Happy posting!