Social media is an important resource that any blogger or marketer should make use of. Not only should they be using social media, but also some of the best social media tools available to them.

People struggle with social media because it can take up a lot of time and it is hard to manage all the aspects of social media.

Social media channels also require you to put in a lot of hard work and effort. This is where a lot of bloggers struggle, they don’t know what tools and resources they should use to help them with their social media channels. The following are 5 social media tools you should use.

Social Media Tools You Should Use:


Creating graphics such as infographics for Pinterest or great looking images for Instagram will benefit you greatly. First impressions matter, especially when starting out online. If you want people to enjoy your content, start by making it look good.

Creating good-looking graphics also gives your audience the impression that you are providing quality content, which you should strive for. We use Canva to create at least 50% of our graphics, it is such as an incredible tool and I highly recommend you use it.

You can create a variety of different graphics on Canva, such as:

  • Social Media Posts;
  • Documents;
  • Ebooks;
  • Marketing Material;
  • Email Header; and
  • Ads.

For a more in-depth look at Canva, check out our post: “A Basic Walkthrough of“.

Check out this tool: Canva


Managing multiple social media channels and trying to post a lot of content at the same time can be hard. That’s why you need to use a social media management and scheduling tool. This allows you to manage all the content you want to post to your social media channels in one place.

You can also schedule content to be posted to certain social media channels at specific times during the day or week. This is such a valuable resource that any blogger or marketer should use for social media. One of these social media tools is called Buffer.

Check out this tool: Buffer

Facebook Insignts

Analytics can help you determine who your audience is, what they like and when they are the most active online. This will allow you to create and share content that is focused on them.

Facebook’s Insights is great because it allows you to understand your own audience, helping your personalize your content. Instagram Insights, and Twitter Analytics can also help you dissect who your audience is.

You can find most of these social media tools within the social media channels themselves.


Analyse, find and monitor how content for a specific topic is doing online. Using tools like this will allow you to find interesting content, analyze why they are so popular and monitor how your content is doing online.

You can also monitor your competitors, which is great if you want to get the upper hand on them. I recommend using a tool called Buzzsumo. This is one of my favorite research and monitoring tools online and it can help you a lot.

This is also one of the best social media tools in the world, as it is directly connected to the most popular social media channels.

Check out this tool: Buzzsumo


Sometimes a link can go on for what feels like forever. Sharing links to blog posts or interesting topics is important but posting a link that doesn’t fit with the flow of the content, looks unprofessional. That’s why you should use tools to shorten your links, such as

Check out this tool:

Using social media for your blog can be hard, but with the right type of social media tools, you will be able to do it more effectively. Test out these tools and see if it works for you.

Good luck!