Understanding the social media advantages for your blog is important, for one important reason:

“Social media is here. It’s not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: in social media” – Lori Ruff

As brilliantly said by Lori Ruff, social media is here and it’s not going away. You, as a blogger, business owner or entrepreneur must understand how important it is to get involved on social media.

The number of people who use social media is rapidly increasing and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

In 2017, the percentage of internet users that use social media was 71%. With a total of 2,46 billion social media users worldwide, you can see how important it is to be present and active on social media.

That number is expected to increase to over 3 billion by 2021. That is quite a big number of people that use social media networks!

(Source: Statista)

Social Media Advantages

Social media is a great way of connecting with your audience and it is becoming truly essential for any blogger, marketer or business owner to be involved in social media. There are quite a few social media advantages, for your blog, including:

1. Brand awareness

One of the great advantages of social media is that people will become aware of your brand. They will start to see what your brand is all about, what you represent, what type of personality your brand is showing and what type of content you are sharing.

Being constantly active on social media, reaching out to similar brands, creating competitions and giving away free stuff are all great ways to create brand awareness for your blog.

The better your brand awareness strategy is, the more people you will attract to your blog or website.

2. Share content faster

Instead of having to wait for people to find your blog posts, you can just share your blog posts on your social media channels. By doing this, you are reaching out to your audience and showing them valuable content that they will find interesting.

This will ensure that your audience knows about new content, news updates, and any other information as soon as possible.

There also a lot of social media tools that can help you to share content faster and easier, such as:
Crowdfire; and

3. Low costs

One of the best social media advantages for your blog is that social media is that it is FREE to join.

You don’t have to pay any subscription or sign upfees. This doesn’t include Ads that you might run on any of your social media channels (more on that later).

Social media channels are providing you with a huge audience, where you can do your social media marketing for free. The only thing that social media marketing will cost you is your time.

In this case, it will be worth it because you will attract more people to your blog, which is a great social media advantage.

4. Relationship building

Building a strong relationship with your audience takes a lot of time and effort, you must really commit to creating a brand that they can trust.

Engaging with your audience on a human level is important, as they should know that there is a person behind the brand and not just another brand trying to push a sale onto them.

When you build a strong relationship with your audience on social media, they will trust the content you are sharing and there will be a higher chance that they will engage with you.

Reach out to your audience, reply to comments on your social media channels and mention them in future posts. Build a great relationship with your audience from the start.

5. Increase traffic to your blog

Posting content and sharing blog posts on social media is a great way of attracting people to your blog. Increasing the traffic to your blog through social media takes a lot of content creation and marketing.

The higher your number of followers are on social media, the better chance there is that you will have more traffic heading to your blog. That is if you are attracting the right audience; it would be pointless to have a lot of followers, but they are the wrong type of audience.

6. Build your email list

One of my favourite social media advantages.

You can use social media to build your email list and always stay in touch with your audience. Social media channels give you access to billions of people from all over the world, that you can connect with.

You can use these channels to convince people to join your email list.

Some of the best digital marketers and bloggers have used social media to increase their email list by thousands of people.

Combining your email marketing strategy and social media marketing strategy is a must if you want to get the most out of social media.

7. Targeted Ads

Create Ads on social media to target a specific niche-market can greatly benefit you on social media. This is usually done to stand out from all the organic content on social media and to reach a certain type of audience.

It’s about targeting a specific group of people in order for them to take action on your Ad, for example:

• Reading a new post;
• Liking your page; or
• Signing up for something.

There are so many different marketing options to choose from, it’s up to you and what you want your audience to do. Ads do cost money and you have to do careful Ad campaign planning, but this is one of the quickest ways to attract an audience.

8. Insights and analytics

With the increase in the total number of social media users, marketers have realized that they need to identify and track engagement of people on social media.

The need to know who your audience is, what they like and how they engage with you has become essential for any blogger/marketer who wants to get the best out of their marketing efforts.

That’s why social media channels decided to create analytics and insights about everybody on social media. Measuring audience engagement, identifying who your audience is and tracking their activity has never been easier.

9. Niche Authority

A truly compelling social media advantage is becoming an authority figure or expert in your field.

This, however, takes time and a lot of experience.

Convincing people that you are an expert in your field can be hard. But when you convince people that you are an expert in your niche, they start to recognize you as a thought leader.

This can benefit you a lot, in the long run. People will know that you are an expert opinion leader in your niche and that they can learn from you.

Your audience will identify you and your brand as a trustworthy source of information and will most likely attract even more people to your social media and blogging platform.

10. Customer support

Answering to a customer or your audience’s questions on social media is becoming more and more essential these days. I for one have reached out to multiple brands, businesses, and people through social media to ask questions and get support instead of using their blog or website contact form.

Why did I do this?

It was faster and more convenient.

That’s why you must be ready for people who will most likely do the same. By solving problems and answering any questions as fast as you can, you are establishing that you care.

This will also assure them that they can contact you if they need help, which is important in brand trust building and exceptional customer support.

Using social media to your advantage will mean that you will be able to make the most out of your marketing efforts and ultimately create a successful blog. With enough practice and hard work, you will be able to take full advantage of social media in all its aspects.

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