If your blog was a person, what type of person would it be? This is a key question you must ask if you want to find your blog’s personality.

Finding your blog’s personality is important. A blog with a unique personality will stand out more among the millions of blogs online.

Let’s imagine we are talking to two people. The first person is fun, talkative and has a good sense of humour; the second one is dull and a bit rude. Which one would you rather talk to? I know I would speak to the first person and I think 90% of people would agree with me.

Now imagine this same situation, but with two different blogs. You would much rather read a blog if the personality of the blog is unique and interesting.

I enjoy reading blogs that a great vibe. A great example of a blog with an amazing personality is Melyssa Griffin. She has one of the best blogs in the world.

Her blog’s personality screams positivity. She has an incredible personality that helps her stand out from so many other blogs online.

She is a great example of how you can use your own personality to build your blog’s personality.

Your blog is who you are, what you stand for and what you believe.

Finding your blog’s personality

Trying to figure out what type of personality your blog will seem hard, trust me I know how hard it is. It’s a lot like when someone asks you to define yourself.

A lot of us struggle to answer that question at that moment, but if you sit back and think about it, you will be able to figure it out.

There are a few things you can do to find your blog’s personality, including:

Be yourself

Like I mentioned above, the reason why Melyssa Griffin’s blog is so amazing, is because her blog’s personality is her own personality.

People love connecting with people and if you use your own personality for your blog, then you will be able to reach a lot of people.

Being yourself will help you connect with people who have the same type of personality.

Using your niche

Using your niche as a guideline on what type of personality your blog will have, is also a great method. The way people behave and talk in your niche market can help you decide on your blog’s personality.

Is your niche professional, casual, does it involve a lot of humour or is it a serious niche market? Each niche will be different, but in most cases, especially in the blogging world, you would get a semi-professional type of personality.

We love to be casual, but we understand the importance of being a professional. But your niche will be different, it might be more professional, or it might be more casual.

Asking “This or That” questions

These are a great way to narrow down exactly what type of personality your blog has. “This or That” questions will eliminate personality traits that aren’t associated with you.

A few examples of these questions are:

  • Am I an extrovert or an introvert?
  • Do I enjoy watching movies or reading books?
  • Am I a serious person or a casual person?
  • Do I prefer the city life or the country life?
  • Social media communication or face-to-face communication?

These are just a few questions to help you get an idea of how it works, the question you will ask yourself will be more specific to your niche.

Choosing from a list of personality traits

Choosing from a list of personality traits is a great way to find your blog’s personality. It is important to choose a few personality traits that relate to you, this helps you define your blog’s personality.

This method is easy because you are choosing traits that you think fits you, which is great for people who are struggling to choose a personality for their blog.

A few personality traits that you can consider:

  • Aspiring;
  • Brilliant;
  • Clever;
  • Dynamic;
  • Elegant;
  • Friendly;
  • Helpful;
  • Innovative;
  • Passionate; and
  • Realistic.

There are many more personality traits that you can choose. I do recommend that you choose between 3-5 personality traits and build your blog’s personality are those traits.

Figuring out your blog’s personality is an essential part of starting a blog and it is something that you should consider when just starting out.

A blog’s personality can always change, just like people. But it is essential to know what type of personality you want to showcase in the present.

In my personal opinion, the easiest way to find your blog’s personality is to just be yourself. It is the easiest way and by doing that, you won’t struggle to write blog posts. It’s much easier to write if you are writing in the same way you would be talking to someone.

Be yourself and you will succeed.

Happy Blogging!