Writing a blog seems pretty easy, right? But as a blogger, we both know how frustrating it can be to find ideas for your next blog post. It can really make blogging seem like hell.

But it doesn’t have to be such a struggle. That is why I’ve decided to share my tips on how I find ideas for my blog posts. I use these when I have no creativity whatsoever. So next time you get stuck, try out one of my tactics to help you find ideas for your next blog post.

Let’s get into them:

How you can find ideas for your next blog post:

Write about stuff you are familiar with

Sometimes it is easier to come up with a topic or get started with your next blog post when you are writing about something you already know pretty well.

If you are writing about a topic you know well, you won’t have to think of what to say or do extensive research before constructing a post, but things will rather flow pretty natural with a familiar topic.

This is because you know what you are talking about and it will be easier to put it into words. This will be easier than with a topic you know nothing of. For example, if you are a gamer it would be much easier to write posts on gaming because you know the niche pretty well.

If you had to write about marketing per say you’d find it extremely difficult to come up with topics. It’s an unknown field and will require extensive research.

Use Reddit for Inspiration

Reddit is probably one of the best sources to go to when you need to find ideas for your next blog post. What I like about Reddit is the community. It’s a place where people share ideas, information, tips, advice, and news on particular topics.

It’s a great place to get some ideas on a topic. What I usually do when I need ideas for a blog post is head to the subreddit “blogging”. I go through the questions that people ask regarding blogging, which I usually then turn into a blog post. As simple as that.

So, whatever your blog is about, whether it be gaming or fitness, just type your niche into Reddit’s search bar. Go through the questions and find something worth writing about.

Hell, if you still can’t find something to write about you can even ask the community on Reddit to help you find a topic and you might get some great feedback and ideas.

Ask your audience

Sometimes a great strategy is simply to ask your audience what they want you to cover or post about. Your audience is why you exist, so by keeping them happy, you keep your blog alive. Asking them what they want you to cover shows them that you care.

Through this process, you’ll be to find ideas for your next blog post. This depends on participation by your readers and the number of followers or readers you have.

If you get great feedback from your audience, you might have a lot of new content ideas for the next few months.

Read other blogs

Sometimes reading other people’s blogs who are in the same niche as you are, could stimulate some creativity. This usually works great when I feel like my creativity is completely gone.

If you read someone else’s content it might give you an idea on how to improve on that post. You’ll be able to expand on the topic or you might get an idea to write something that is not even closely related. The mind is a strange thing, but one thing is sure, this technique does really work.

It would be smart to scan your competition’s content to see what topics they are covering. This way you can see whether you have covered the same topics and establish how you can improve on these topics.

By reading your competition’s blog posts you could also determine what topics they haven’t covered yet, giving you the opportunity to be the first to cover it, if you act quickly!

Take a break

Sometimes giving your brain a break for a while could help you “recharge”. So, if you are feeling stuck and just can’t think of a topic or title for your next blog post. Take a break and focus on something else.

Later when you come back you’ll either be amazed at the ideas you come up with or you’ll probably still feel stuck. This means you either need a longer break or need to use a different technique to come up with ideas.

Scan Pinterest for ideas

Pinterest is like a search engine and it’s a great place to go to if you need inspiration for almost anything. Simply type your niche in Pinterest’s search bar and hit search. Scan the result and see what comes up.

There are hundreds and thousands of infographics and blog post links on Pinterest. It helps me a lot when I need ideas for my blog posts.

It’s the content that other people post and share on Pinterest that gives me ideas. Usually, I want to improve on it or the topic is something new to me and I didn’t think of covering it. In a sense, it introduces new topics to me.

Use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram

Another great technique is to use hashtags to find ideas. Simply search your niche or something related to it in the form of a hashtag. Most of the results that come up will either be in the form of questions from users with a problem.

Use the questions people might have as a title for your next blog post or look at what other bloggers are sharing online with regards to the hashtag and determine whether you can use it to help you find ideas for your next post.

These are some of the techniques I use to help me find inspiration and ideas for my next blog post. You should try them out and I do hope they work for you too.

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Happy Blogging!