A few months ago, the team at Divi launched their Divi Design Initiative. A new design team was created for this initiative with the task of providing the community with new Divi Layout Packs each week.

Basically, if you were an existing Elegant Themes member you would receive a free layout pack each week! That’s quite impressive if you ask me!

But now the team at Divi has decided to do more and deliver more value to their loyal customers, by implementing their new initiative, the Design Initiative 2.0.

What is the Design Initiative 2.0?

Well, the team at Divi have decided to double down on design, double the size of their design team and double the amount of Divi Layout Packs to be produced for each week!

What does this mean?

So, starting from the 2 May 2018 all existing Elegant Theme members can expect to receive TWO new Divi Layout Packs each week for free!

These new design packs will be filled with up to 8 unique layouts that can be installed with a single click.

If you do the math that’s quite a lot of free layout packs. It amounts to over 100 new packs and over 800 new layouts every year, for free!

When a new Divi Layout Pack is released, it will automatically appear inside the Divi Builder. So, there will be no need to download anything or no need to update your Divi. You will immediately have access to them inside your Divi Builder.

All you have to do is click the Load Layout icon inside your Divi Builder toolbar and just browse through the designs and if you find one you like, simply click on it to import it onto the page.

These Divi Layout Packs are almost like a whole new theme. This is because each layout (8 layouts per pack) that comes with the pack is designed in a unique style and created for a specific purpose.

As Divi stated on their blog “Our goal is to satisfy a different niche with each release. No matter what kind of website you are building, we want to provide you with some inspiration that will help get your project up and running quickly.”

So, I’m sure there will be something for everyone in these Divi Packs and I highly recommend you check it out! Here’s the original blog post: Divi Feature Update! The Divi Design Initiative 2.0: Doubling Down On Great Design.

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