The team at Elegant Themes released their newest layout pack yesterday. A Travel Blog layout pack for all you travelers out there who wants to share their journey with the whole world. I am sure they will appreciate a layout like this.

This layout pack will “highlight the traveler’s adventures with beautiful imagery and easy-to-read content”. This perfect, because traveling consists of a lot of visual content. With this layout pack, you will be able to showcase your journey in a beautiful way. Helping you build an incredible story, your story!

This layout pack consists of 6 layout pages, including:

  • About Page;
  • Blog Page;
  • Contact Page;
  • Home Page;
  • A Landing Page; and
  • A Trip Page.

Here is an example of how the layout pages look like:

As you can see, it is an amazing looking layout pack. My favourite layout page has to be the Trip Page. This is a great page that you can use to share your latest trip and everything you did on the trip. This page can include your day-to-day activities, what your budget for the trip was, a trip video, a photo gallery and other, recent trips.

If you are interested in learning more about this layout pack, check out the original post from Elegant Themes: Get a FREE & Adventurous Travel Blog Layout Pack for Divi.

What do you think? Did Elegant Themes create an interesting layout pack or can they do better?