We are almost at the end of May 2018 and what a month it has been for not only Blogineur, but also for Elegant Themes. With their last layout pack for the month, they have releases a Job Recruiter layout pack.

There are a lot of Job Recruiter websites online and some of them definitely need to change to change their website’s design to a look modern and fresh, to stand out, you must move away from the basic and simple website designs. This layout pack looks great, its modern and stylish.

Maybe you are interested in starting a Job Recruiter website and you have no idea how to design a website that is made specifically for that purpose, well look no further. Here is a layout pack that will help you to design the perfect Job Recruiter website.

What types of pages are included in this layout pack?

  • An About page;
  • A Blog page;
  • A Job Recruiter Candidates page;
  • A Contact page;
  • A Job Recruiter Employers page;
  • A Homepage;
  • A Landing Page; and
  • A listing page.

Here are a few examples of how this layout pack looks:

This layout pack has quite a few layout options; from a contact page, a homepage and blog page. Which is all important page to have on a website, but the pages that stand out to me the most is:

  • The Job Recruiter Candidates page;
  • The Job Recruiter Employers page; and
  • The listing page.

The Candidates page allows potential candidates to get in touch with recruiters, they can see the current job openings and they can learn more about how the recruitment process works.

The Employers page is where employers can find potential candidates for any job openings they have and they can also post new job openings as soon as they become available.

The listings pages describe what each job is about and provides further information about these jobs.

If you are interested in using this layout pack, check out the original post from Elegant Themes: Get a FREE & Astonishing Job Recruiter Layout Pack for Divi.

Let us know what you think about this design in the comment section.