We are back for yet another layout pack from Elegant Themes, this time it is a Jeweler’s layout pack. This is quite an interesting design and has been described by Elegant Themes as “A mesmerizing layout that highlights elegance and skill”. By the look of this layout pack, this is certainly true.

This layout pack sure does look beautiful, the overall style truly fits that of a Jeweler’s website. The image placement is unique and the text fonts work perfectly with the layout’s design.

The Jeweler’s layout pack includes 7 layout pages, including:

  • An About page;
  • A Blog page;
  • A Contact page;
  • A Jeweler Education page;
  • A Homepage;
  • A Landing page; and
  • A Shop page.

Here are a few examples of how this layout pack looks:

Every layout page is designed perfectly for its purpose, for example, the About Page explains who the business is in a simple, yet stylish way; the Shop Page showcases your products as “Our Latest Jewelry”, which is great if you want to show the newest products first; and the blog page provides you with a simple design to show your newest blog post.

The page that stands out the most, as mentioned in their original post, is the Jeweler Education page.

This is truly an entertaining page, its design is made for sole purpose of educating the customer on “Diamond Anatomy & Cut Quality”. This is extremely helpful to the customer, as this helps them understand exactly what products they are buying and what they need to consider.

If you are interested in using this layout pack, check out Elegant Themes’ original post: Get a FREE & Luxurious Jeweler Layout Pack for Divi.

Do you like this layout pack and is there something they should have included in the design? Leave a comment below.