As a blogger, we can both agree that the most difficult task in your blogging journey is probably building blog awareness and growing an audience. It can be frustrating when you are writing great content that just doesn’t seem to get any engagement.

I mean you’re basically writing content for no one in the beginning phase of your blog and it can really test your patience.

This doesn’t mean you have to give up. In the beginning, it might seem like there is nothing you can do. You might think people simply don’t like your niche or content, which is probably not the case.

Unless your content provides no value or entertainment. It could simply be because people don’t know your blog exists. All you need to do is build awareness!

Well, how the heck do I do that, am I right?!

Don’t worry, I have come up with 5 techniques I believe could help make people more aware of your blog.

For the purpose of this post, we are going to focus on building blog awareness through social media.

All the techniques covered in this post is making use of social media to boost your blog awareness.

Let’s get started!

How to Build Blog Awareness:

Give free goodies/give a discount

This technique is relatively simple. Let me explain, for example, you could promote that you are willing to give 50% discount on any one of your products to everyone who shares a link to your blog on social media or you could say that you’ll give away a free e-book to anyone who writes a tweet stating what they love most about your blog whilst also including your blog’s name with a hashtag.

So basically, you’ll give something for free or give a discount to anyone who participates in a particular action. The action being something that helps build brand awareness.

This way people are building awareness for you with their friends on their social media account. People will be more likely then to go to your blog or follow it if they find it useful because the link came from a friend which they already trust.

There is one important thing you should note though, the product you are giving away or discount on will determine whether or not people will participate. So, it has to provide value and people should actually want it.

If you get really creative, you can get quite a lot of awareness by making use of this technique. You just have to determine what action will create the best awareness for you.

Run competition

Another way to build brand awareness is by having a competition. This technique is somewhat similar to giving something away for free and will involve the same process. This is asking people to perform a specific action to stand a chance to win something.

Again, the prize has to be worth it, otherwise, people won’t participate. The action they have to perform has to be something that will help you build awareness.

Keep it simple, it doesn’t have to involve a lot of steps. It can be as simple as asking participants to share a piece of content they like from your blog or asking them to like your Facebook page, follow you on twitter or by sharing a link to your blog with a hashtag including your blog’s name.

A great technique I believe that goes well with competitions, for example, could be something like asking participants to make a video on why they think they deserve to win the prize.

One of the conditions then being that they should share the video on Facebook and tag your blog’s Facebook page. The should also tag 5 of their friends in the post to enter the competition.

The key thing to remember is that the action the participants perform should help create awareness for you and your blog. Something that brings light and exposure to you and your blog.

Share content consistently

Sometimes the best awareness building technique is to simply share content on a consistent basis.

This technique is more of a “waiting to be seen” technique but it does work, and many bloggers have had success with it.

Perseverance will play a key role as well as the quality of your content. Keep putting content out the same time each week. People will start to notice it. The idea is to post in such a way that your readers get familiar with your posting habits.

This way they don’t have to continuously scan your blog to find new content which can be time-consuming. If you’re consistent, they will know, “oh he/she posts every Friday at 8pm”.

They will then make it a habit to check every Friday at 8 PM which is much more convenient, and your content actually gets consumed.

Incentive sharing

This technique involves content upgrades. Basically, what you’re going to do is write a post on a particular topic and at the end of the post, you’ll offer bonus content on that topic. If your readers want to access the bonus content they have to do so through incentive sharing.

How this works is the reader will only get access to the bonus content by sharing your post with a friend or on social media, thus building blog awareness for you. If they didn’t share the post the bonus content will be locked.

Again, the bonus content has to offer something extra of value. The original content should be of great quality if you want people to actually take action.

Paid promotion

This is probably one of the more effective ways of building awareness for you and your blog. There are quite a few ways to perform paid promotion and popular campaigns include Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram sponsored ads among others.

Basically, how this works is you pay to be seen by a select group of people of your choice. Now the paid technique can sometimes be expensive but does bring in pretty good results. The reach you get from paid ads is pretty big, so it’s worth it, I’d say.

I hope by mentioning these techniques I gave you some insight and a few ideas into what you can do to create some blog awareness.

Good luck with your blogging journey!