All new bloggers deserve to be given a few blogging tips when they just start out. It helps them improve where they have made mistakes and they learn new things.

The blogging world is incredible, hard but incredible. Blogging can be extremely simple or extremely difficult, this mostly depends on what you blog’s niche is about, or whether you are an expert in your field and what your goals are. Some people blog just for the fun of it, while others use their blog as a business.

Most new bloggers step into the blogging world not knowing what to expect and a lot of them give up after a few weeks or months because they weren’t prepared for the amount of effort and hard work it requires. I know I was like that, I use to think:

“Hey! Blogging can’t be that hard”

Wow, I can’t tell you how wrong I was. Blogging is most certainly not as easy as I thought. It does, however, get easier with time, but it still requires a lot of hard work and effort.

Important blogging tips for new bloggers

1. Be passionate about your niche

This is the first thing I recommend for any blogger, is to be passionate about your niche, because it can be extremely beneficial for your blog.

Some people tend to search for the most profitable niches and try to exploit them as much as possible and others tend to use their passion and as their niche.

Both of these methods can be used, as they have both been deemed successful. I do however recommend that you use your passion as your niche, the reason for this is because you will love what you are doing and as the saying goes, “money follows passion”.

If you want to succeed in blogging, then you have to realize that it is a long-term business strategy.

It may take a few months or even a few years to create a successful blog. That’s why if you want to start a blog and you are in it for the long-term, then you need to be passionate about what you are doing.

Check out our post: “How to Choose The Perfect Niche for Your Blog” if you want to learn more about choosing a niche for your blog.

2. Create original content

You should always try to create new and original content for your blog, don’t copy other bloggers’ work. You do not want to plagiarize content from the web, as this can have a lot of negative consequences, including:

  • Getting a bad reputation;
  • Ranking lower on search engines; and
  • Legal issues.

You can, however, create content on the same topic, but from your point of view or by giving your opinion on the topic. If you are creating content that involves someone else’s content, then you should give credit to your source.

3. Plan your content

Planning your content must become second nature to you, it should be one of your top priorities as a blogger. You need to know what content you are going to create and when you are going to post it.

Planning your content will require a lot of work and creativity, this is necessary if you want to succeed as a blogger.

Content planning is part of your content marketing strategy and you will need to do this in order to determine what content you will create for your blog and how much content you will create.

By planning your content, you will be able to create and deliver quality content on a consistent basis. Consistency is key for any blogger that hopes to create a successful blog.

Schedule your blog’s posts using a blogging schedule, this way you will know what content you have to create next and when it is due.

4. Do research

Doing careful research on a topic when creating content is important, it shows that you are familiar with that topic. Doing research will also make you a credible resource for your audience, which is important if you want to stand out.

If you are running a travel blog, for example, and you are visiting a new location, do your research on the location, the culture, the people, notable sights and anything interesting that is happening.

The more you know, the better!

5. Stay up-to-date with news in your industry

Being aware of new content and updates in your industry is extremely beneficial, as you will always be able to create new content, network with people in your industry about the news and notify your audience about it.

Staying up-to-date with news in your industry will also contribute to doing research, for example, you can use Google Alerts to notify you of any new content that is posted online with regards to a specific keyword or topic.

Another way to stay up-to-date with news in your industry is by following people in your industry, this can easily be done through social media. A tool that you can use to find relevant people and content in your industry is Klout.

6. Engage with people

People love connecting with people. That’s why you as a blogger must reach out to both your audience and fellow bloggers in your industry.

Any easy way to connect with your audience is through social media. Reply to their comments, start a conversation, mention them in future posts.

The same can be done with fellow bloggers, comment on their posts. Contact and build a stronger relationship with them. You will grow faster in your industry if you get involved in your industry’s community.

7. Show your personality and interests

A good blog needs to show personality, who is behind it all and what are they like. Let people in, tell your story, be more than just a brand. Show your audience why you are unique, differentiate yourself from other bloggers, what better way than to show off your true self.

Showing personality will help you connect with your audience and build a stronger relationship with them. Your personality can also include your interest, for example, you may like hiking, fashion, racing. Share that with your audience, someone may relate to you and will want to connect with you.

I for one, absolutely love music, gaming and traveling, I also joke around all the time. What are your interests? Do you love to hike? Share your personality and interest with your audience.

8. Set goals

Goals are important for any business or blog. You need to know where you are heading, what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve those goals. Goals are used as a framework for what you want to achieve with your blog.

By creating goals, you will be able to keep track of your success. This is important, a lot of bloggers quit blogging because they feel like they are not achieving anything. But in reality, they just never set any goals for themselves or their blog. What are you trying to achieve with your blog?

When you just start out, don’t try and do too much, too fast.

Keep it realistic and achievable.

9. Use quality images and photos

Quality is important!

Don’t ever think otherwise, using quality images and photos should be part of your marketing strategy. People will notice the effort you put in and this can be seen through your content and images.

Quality images give your blog and social media channel/s a professional look, I know I enjoy going on a blog that looks appealing. How your blog and social media channel/s look reflect how much you care for your brand. It might seem difficult but there are a few ways to get quality images:

  • Pixabay is a great website where you can find great looking images and photos to use, for FREE.
  • Shutterstock and iStock offer even more images and photos but they do come at a price.
  • Canva is a tool that you can use to create great looking graphics, I use it all the time. This tool is incredible for both graphic designers and people who lack graphic design skills.

10. Have patience

The key thing to remember when you are new to blogging is to be patient. Success takes time, work hard and give it your best. Your blog may one day be a success, you won’t know if you stopped blogging because you didn’t see enough results within a few months.

Realize this before you even start blogging, this isn’t a short-term business strategy. You have to be in it for the long-term if you truly want your blog to be successful.

These are just a few things that newbie bloggers can consider, being successful in blogging takes time and practice. Blogging may seem like an impossible job for someone who has never done it, but you will learn quickly and adapt even quicker.

If you haven’t started your blog yet, check out our post: “How to Easily Start a Blog“.

Happy Blogging!