When I first heard of online monetization, I initially thought “online surveys” or “scams”. I wasn’t aware of the fact that you can actually earn revenue online. Heck, I thought the only way people earned money online was by tricking people or by being deceitful. That’s until I found Blog Monetization,

Through a lengthy and time-consuming process, I became familiar with the online world. I gained quite a significant amount of knowledge and understanding on what exactly online monetization entails.

I know it can be difficult in the beginning to learn something new and finding the exact answers you’re looking for.

That’s why I’ve decided to write this post to make it easier for you to understand how to go about blog monetization. I will explain exactly what it will require of you to monetize your blog.

For the purpose of this post, we’re going to focus on blogging as a medium to monetize but just be aware that there are a lot of different ways to monetize online and blogging isn’t the only option.

Now the purpose of this post is to briefly explain what the process will require of you to enable yourself to monetize your blog and consistent revenue for yourself through a blog.

The process is not sequential but rather interwoven together and some of the steps take place at the same time rather than independently and one after the other.

How does blog monetization work

Okay, so basically how you monetize online can be summed up like this: You build an audience through a specific medium of your choosing by creating quality content that people love to consume.

Once you have a significant following or audience you monetize from them or through them by offering products or services that are related to your content that people would like to purchase and will bring value to them.

You’re basically going to be a “go to person” for something. Now blog monetization is a lot more complex than the summary I just gave but that is what you’re going to do in a brief sense.

Now before you can start building and working on your blog monetization goals there are 4 things you’ll have to establish first:

Blog Monetization Essentials

A Niche/Topic

To get people to actually follow you or consume your content, you will have to create content on a topic that people would want to read about or want to consume. The best advice I can give you is to write about something that you are really passionate about, as this will really shine through in your content.

You’ll also be much more relatable when you write about something you love because other people who like what you do will experience the same feelings and emotions that you do.

So, figure out what topic you want to write about and keep it simple and focused on a specific subject. Don’t choose a broad topic like Fitness, rather niche down and go for a topic like Fitness for women.

Once you know what you’re going to create content on you can move on to the next step.

A medium to Promote your Blog

The next thing is to establish how or where are you going to deliver your content to people? Now there are a lot of options to choose from.

For example Image based content could work great with Instagram, videos will be great with YouTube, Content in the form of news or updates will be great with Twitter. The options are endless.

It’s important for you to choose a medium that’ll accompany your form of content the best. So, try and establish what type of medium will suit your content and which one is the most accessible type of medium for your audience.

An important thing to remember is to always try and go where your audience or desired audience hangs out.

After establishing your medium, you can start creating content and work on growing an audience.

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Your audience is everything! Without them, your business cannot exist, and monetization is impossible. That’s why it is important to actually create content that your audience loves or want to consume. Quality content is the only thing that’ll work.

To actually monetize, you’ll have to work on building an audience where trust goes both ways. They should actually have the confidence to buy something that you recommend. This is because you have worked hard to win their trust.

Don’t try to come up with shortcuts to trick your audience just so you could land a buck. The only way is to work hard for something and you’ll reap the rewards later on.

Grow your audience by delivering value through your content. People will appreciate it if you go the extra mile and deliver something that’s great and unique.

Once you have a following and there’s trust then only can you consider monetization options.


Now, this is where people usually feel like they come to a standstill. They don’t know how to monetize or what options are available to them. I will mention a few methods you can check out.

Once you are aware of the different methods you can do research and determine which method will work best for you.

Some of the popular methods of Monetization online include (with regards to blogging):

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Dropshipping
  • Google Ads
  • Sell Ebooks
  • Sell courses
  • Sponsored posts
  • Shoutouts
  • E-commerce

I hope you find value in this post. The purpose of this post was just to make you aware of the options available to you and what exactly it’ll require of you to monetize online. The real process is much more complex. Now you at least have some foundational pillars, which you could work on.

Good luck!