Sometimes finding the right affiliate products to promote can be challenging. One thing you should keep in mind when you are looking for a product to promote is that it should be relevant to your blog and your content in some way or form.


Well if you blog about music, your existing readers will be music lovers. It would only make sense to promote a product that has to do with music, right?

Music lovers won’t be interested in a drone or gaming equipment when they are on your music blog. They visit your blog for music-related content.

Keep in mind that if you are promoting a product you should only promote something that you have used or experienced in the past.

You shouldn’t promote something you’ve never used before, as you can’t possibly know the quality of the product. It might be of inferior quality than your content and previous products, which can damage your brand reputation and brand value.

This can happen when your audience becomes dissatisfied with that particular product you promoted. Always keep in mind that your content should entertain, help or assist your readers; so should your affiliate products.

So, what can you promote? Here are 6 awesome affiliate products that you can promote on your blog:

Affiliate products you can promote:

Shaw Academy courses

Online courses are really becoming a big thing as of late, but not everyone has the skills or experience to create their own courses. But don’t worry, if you don’t have one of your own to promote. You can simply promote someone else’s courses.

This is actually a much better solution in some respects, as you don’t have to invest a lot of time and money upfront to create a course from scratch. It takes quite a lot of learning and research before you can officially launch your own course.

It would be much easier to promote a course that already exists and is in line with your content on your blog.

If you’re looking to promote a course, go check out Shaw Academy. They have various courses to available, giving you the opportunity to choose the perfect course to promote on your blog. I have done a few courses through them and the quality of their courses are great.

A lot of hard work and effort goes into their courses. It is definitely a great product to promote and surely one of the best affiliate products online, in my opinion.

Here’s a link to their affiliate program: Shaw Academy Affiliate Program


If you have a passion for music well then why not start a blog where you review albums or songs and monetize your blog through I-tunes’ affiliate program.

You can monetize your content by doing the following; for each album or song you review, you can include an affiliate link at the end of your review. Your readers can then purchase the song or album directly after reading the review on your site.

It’s a great way for you to do what you love and earn a potential revenue from it. Here’s a link to their Affiliate program, be sure to have a look at it: I-tunes Affiliate Program


Adobe is such a great website, with so many amazing tools. It is easy to see why they are one of the best affiliate products online.

Adobe offers a wide range of products which are used by programmers, graphic designers, vloggers, and gamers to name a few. If you are a graphic designer or a photographer, for example, promoting something like Adobe Photoshop on your photography blog would be a great strategy.

This is because it is a product that relates to your content and the overall niche of your blog. Photographers will definitely make use of a product like Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe is a well-established brand that offers high-quality products and is also the preferred brand, thanks to its strong brand recognition and superior service.

The great thing about Adobe is that they have various products that you can promote. You just have to find the right one that suits your niche/blog.

Check their affiliate program out, if you feel like it’s something you’d promote: Adobe Affiliate Program


Shutterstock is a website that offers high-quality images, that you or any blogger could use, whether it be for blog posts, social media posts or ad campaigns.

The possibilities are endless.

Bloggers who don’t design their own images or have the budget to hire someone to design for them should make use of Shutterstock.

If you are a blogger who blogs about blogging tips, like we do here at Blogineur, then you could promote Shutterstock on your blog. You never know… some bloggers might not even be aware of Shutterstock and they will surely be grateful if you could help aid their “image or photo” problem.

It is a much cheaper solution than hiring a graphic designer or professional photographer, I’d say.

Be sure to check out Shutterstock’s Affiliate Program, as I believe images are a necessity.

Elegant Themes

All bloggers want a visually stunning and appealing blog or website, but to build one on your own is not an easy task… With Elegant Themes, it does make the process a lot easier and the themes that are offered to you are beautiful and really gives your blog a distinctive feeling.

It would then be safe to say that promoting something like Elegant Themes, is an opportunity that should not be overlooked.

Nowadays everyone wants to become an internet sensation and to stay relevant, but you’ll need to deliver content on a platform that looks and feels great. This can be achieved by making use of Elegant Themes for your WordPress site.

It is a product that would really assist aspiring bloggers in their blogging career and it would be a wise strategy to promote something like Elegant Themes.

We built our site through Elegant Themes and I truly believe it is one of the best products out there today for aspiring bloggers. The support is great, whenever I ran into a problem, I was never stuck for too long.

With Elegant Themes, it feels like you can really build the site that you’ve always dreamed of. You should definitely check out their affiliate program. It is a blogger’s must-have, promoting it could really help your monetization goals become more realistic in the near future.

Here’s a link to Elegant Themes’ Affiliate Program


In today’s world, almost every entrepreneur or business needs to be online or have an e-commerce site to stay relevant and up to date with the marketplace.

Promoting something like Shopify could really help your blog. Having an eCommerce site is almost becoming a must.

If you focus your attention on promoting something like Shopify, I’m sure you’ll reap the rewards of it. Shopify is probably only going to grow as a company because eCommerce is the new way of doing business.

Brick and Mortar types of businesses are still valid, but eCommerce is just much more effective and efficient in some respects. I really believe it is a smart move to promote something like Shopify.

Here’s a link to their affiliate program if you want to check it out: Shopify Affiliate Program

There are hundreds and hundreds of affiliate products online. These are just a few mentioned, to give you an idea of what you possibly could promote. Affiliate marketing is a great way for you to monetize your blog when you don’t have your own product yet.

If you don’t want to promote these affiliate products, then you can check out this post: The Gateway to Finding Affiliate Programs. It will surely help you in the process of finding the perfect affiliate products for your blog.