Blogineur is a blogging platform that provides aspiring bloggers with helpful resources and information they can use to start, grow and monetize their blog; potentially turning it into an online business.


Blogging Tips

We create content that will provide you with the fundamentals of blogging, as well as techniques that will develop your blogging skills.

Marketing Techniques

Techniques that will show you how to reach and attract potential readers and customers to your blog.

Monetization Strategies

We will provide you with methods of monetization that most bloggers use to generate a revenue.


We created Blogineur in the hopes of helping other people create their own successful blog and potential online business. We know how difficult it can be to start and grow a blog, that’s why we want to guide you as much as we can.

Our team is hard working and goal driven, determined to create one of the best blog learning platforms in the industry. We strive to bring you the best content that we can offer, by keeping up with the latest blogging trends, studying new marketing techniques and researching better monetization strategies.


Marno Broodryk

Marno Broodryk

Co-Founder and Content Creator

Marno has an educational background in marketing management and digital marketing principals. He spends most of his time listening to any rock-related music and seeking adventure.

Westley Smit

Westley Smit

Co-Founder and Content Creator

Westley is a full-time marketing geek and a part time gamer who sometimes wish these two were switched around. He has a BCom degree in marketing/management and has done his fair share of short courses on digital marketing. He loves music and is in the process of learning the guitar.

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