Have you ever uploaded a photo or an image to social media and it just doesn’t seem to fit? Why am I even asking? This happens to all of us, it always happens to me all the time. We all struggle to find the perfect image sizes for social media.

Finding the perfect image size for each social media channel can be difficult, but this can be overcome with a guide on the perfect image sizes for each social media.

These image sizes for social media do change from time to time.

The Perfect Image Sizes for Social Media


The most popular social media platform in the world. Facebook has been around for a long time and it has evolved so much over the years.

It is no longer a platform that only caters to personal accounts, rather it has evolved into a platform that brands and companies can use to communicate with their audience.

The recommended image sizes for Facebook has also changed so much over the years and the current recommend sizes are:

  • Profile Picture (180 X 180)
  • Cover Photo (1200 X 630)
  • Shared Image (1200 X 630)
  • Shared Link (1 200 X 627)
  • Highlighted Image (1 200 X 717)
  • Event Image (1 920 X 1 080)


One of the most popular image sharing platforms. People all over the world use Instagram and if you are a blogger with a niche that requires image sharing, then you need to be on it. But what are the perfect image sizes for social media?

  • Profile Picture (110 X 110)
  • Photo Thumbnails (161 X 161)
  • Photo Size (1 080 X 1 080)
  • Landscape (1 080 X 566)
  • Portrait (1 080 X 1 350)
  • Instagram Stories (1 080 X 1 920)
  • Video to Stories (750 X 1334)


Twitter, the microblogging platform of social media. This social media channel is all about fast paced and consistent quality. People tweet A LOT! But what helps these tweets are images, but you need to know what the perfect image sizes for social media are.

  • Profile Photo (400 X 400)
  • Header Photo (1 500 X 500)
  • In-Stream Photo (440 X 220)


Not really such a popular social media platform, but there are still a lot of people that use this social media platform. If you do use it, then you will need to know what image sizes work perfectly on Google+.

  • Profile Picture (250 X 250)
  • Cover Image (1 080 X 608)
  • Shared Image (497 X 373)
  • Shared Video (497 X 279)


LinkedIn is a great platform for networking with like-minded people. This a business/social media platform. Industry experts and in our case, marketing experts spend their time on LinkedIn, building connection and sharing ideas. Here are the best image sizes for LinkedIn:

  • Personal Profile Image (400 X 400)
  • Personal Background Image (1 584 X 396)
  • Company Logo (300 X 300)
  • Company Cover Image (1 536 X 768)
  • Banner Image for Company Pages (646 X 220)
  • Hero Image (1 128 X 376 or 974 X 330)


One of my favorite social media channels. Why? Because it works just like a search engine. You can find almost anything you want on Pinterest. This is a great platform for bloggers and a great place to build an audience.

Pinterest is all about graphics and visuals, that’s why you will need to understand image sizes.

  • Profile Picture (165 X 165)
  • Pin Sizes (600 width X height is scaled [this means, your height can be anything, but try to keep it at a reasonable size])


The most popular video sharing platform in the world, I can’t tell you how much time I spent on YouTube in a week.

YouTube has become such an important tool for so many vloggers and bloggers alike. Just like most social media platforms, YouTube has also evolved so much over the years and so has their recommend image and videos sizes.

Image Sizes:

  • Channel Profile Image: (800 X 800)
  • Channel Cover Photo (2 560 X 1440)
  • Video Thumbnail (1 280 X 720)

Video Sizes:

  • (1920×1080) = 1080p
  • (1280×720) = 720p
  • (854×480) = 480p
  • (640×360) = 360p

I hope these image sizes help you create the perfect images for your social media channels. It can be quire irritating trying to post a photo or an image and the size doesn’t work, rather be prepared.

If you want to create the perfect sized images for your social media channels, then you need to check out Canva. This is an amazing tool you can use to create a wide variety of graphics.

Check out our post: “A Basic Walkthrough of Canva.com“, for more information on Canva.

Happy Posting!