It can be a challenge to grow an audience, but it is possible. It will just take up quite a significant amount of your time, which is normal.

There isn’t really a way to gain hundreds and thousands of followers/readers in a day unless you’re lucky. This can happen when your post or piece of content goes viral.

I know how draining it can be to create content that just doesn’t get consumed. It’s frustrating. Over the last couple of days, I implemented a strategy that I believe could really help you gain some followers and help you grow an audience.

It is a very time-consuming process, but it does work and if you continue to implement it every day I’m sure you’ll see the growth. It worked for me so I’m sure it will work for you too.

A few ways you can grow an audience:


Engaging with other people in your industry is something you should definitely do. A simple strategy is to like and comment on at least 90 pictures or posts of people on social media. This can include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or on whatever medium your competition hangs out.

You have to engage. Don’t see people in your industry/niche as your enemies, rather learn from them and network with them. They might become some of your most loyal followers and perhaps recommend you to their followers.

When I engaged with people on Instagram and actually told them that I loved their Instagram page and that their posts are amazing, they actually felt overjoyed and actually took the time to follow me and started liking most of my posts.

You do get some people who will ignore your comments and won’t respond at all but that’s normal.

Move on to the next person.

It is, however, important to note that you have to actually like the content/posts of the person you’re engaging with. Don’t just do it to get the followers or people to read/consume your content.

If you’re being honest and transparent people will notice it and become loyal followers. So, comment, like and tell people what you like about their posts/content.

Be consistent

If you want people to consume your content you have to be consistent. You probably know this already because everyone covers this topic but it’s true. Consistency is very important.

You should follow a consistent posting schedule. People should actually know when to expect your next post on Instagram or on your blog for example.

Consistency keeps your brand alive. This is important because if someone stumbles onto your blog or one of your social media accounts and it looks dead they might not follow you.

On the other hand, if your blog or social media page/account looks active and alive, chances are higher that they will follow you or engage with your content.

Use Hashtags

When you are posting or promoting a piece of content on social media channels like Instagram or Twitter you should use between 15 – 20 hashtags that are related to your post.

Hashtags help the search engine on the social media channel know what your posts are about but also helps people find your content.

If someone is looking for guitar videos or tips on Instagram and they actually type in #guitartips, and you used the hashtag #guitartips in your latest guitar post on Instagram, then the search engine will rank your post among the latest’s guitar tip related posts.

Hashtags do work, and I recommend you use them within your social media posts. Keep them related to your posts and don’t just put in any hashtags just to get your post ranked in all categories.

Stick to your niche, people will find you if your content is covering what they are looking for.

Choose the right medium

If you want to grow an audience and see the best results you have to choose the right social media channels. Choose one that suits your strategy to promote your content/blog. For example, it would be better to promote a blog about photography on Instagram rather than on Twitter.

This way you can share beautiful images of great photographers or photos that you have taken yourself on Instagram. This would be better suited than sharing images on Twitter.

If you do want to use Twitter, a better strategy would be to give tips in the form of text on how to improve your photography skills for example.

Determine what the type of content it is you wish to share or promote and establish which social media platform will accompany it best.

Check out our post: “Which Social Media Channels Should You Use to Promote Your Blog?” for more information choosing the right medium.

Pump out a lot of great content

Another cliché topic but it’s true. If you want to make waves and be seen, you have to create a lot of quality content that delivers value to people.

If you follow this strategy most of your followers or readers will do your marketing, branding and grow your audience for you through word of mouth, sharing and recommendations to their friends.

Quality content is a great strategy to help you grow your audience. Create content that people care about and will bring value to their life in some shape or form.