Every blogger at some point will experience writer’s block, it happens to us all. I know I’ve experienced it a lot, it’s frustrating as hell. That’s why I have put together this collection of title ideas for your blog.

I understand that writer’s block can have a negative impact on your blog and that’s why I want to help you resolve it as soon as possible.

Writer’s block can be overcome by using a number of methods, such as:

  • Taking a break, this will allow your brain to rest and hopefully generate new ideas;
  • Changing your daily routine;
  • Brainstorming ideas; and
  • Reading up on industry news.

There are a lot of ways to overcome writer’s block, you just need to be patient and creative. If you still can’t overcome writer’s block, then the following 20 blog post title ideas may help you.

The following are a collection title ideas that you can use for your blog, all you have to do is fill the gap with the topic that you want to cover.

20 Title Ideas for Your Blog:

*Tip: You can use these title ideas as a basis and change it to fit your blog post.

1. What I learned from ____.

The first post title is a post idea about what you have learned about a certain topic. You can use this type of post to share what you have learned, give your opinion on the topic and give your own advice to your audience, with regards to the topic.

This type of post can consist of a broad topic, such as what I learned from the ocean or a niche specific post, such as what I learned from sailing the ocean for 3 months on a boat cruise.

2. Biggest mistakes I made when ____.

We all make mistakes every now and then, we are human and we learn from it. People tend to relate to you, because they may have already made those mistakes or are in the process of making the same mistakes. This type of title idea can be an informative post about your personal experience with a certain aspect of your industry or when you were trying to do a new activity for the first time.

You can use this type of post to tell your audience what you did wrong and how to do it right, saving them a lot of time. I love reading these type of posts before doing a new activity or trying something, because I enjoy being prepared, just like a lot of your readers might want to be. This can also be a funny story of how you messed up something but learned in the process.

3. How to improve your ____.

Who doesn’t like improving? I know I do, I strive for it on a daily basis. Do you have any helpful tips on how your audience can improve on something specific? Do you know how they can improve their running, how to improve their people skills or their cooking skills?

Share how you think your audience can improve in a specific way in their life, your advice may help them out a lot.

4. Things you need to know before ____.

Like I mentioned before, people like being prepared. What does your audience need to know before they do a certain activity? For example, before you start blogging, you need to know that creating a blog that is successful, will take time and you have to be patient.

This type of post can also work as review post of a product or service, for example, you can say: “Things you need to know before buying the new Xbox gaming console”.

5. What not to do when ____.

People tend to react to certain situations in a negative way or approach a certain topic or activity and not doing it correctly. For example, a lot of bloggers don’t know how to react to trolls on the internet or difficult customers.

This is extremely important, as online reputation management is an important aspect any blogger should include in their business/blogging strategy. Has something like this happened to you? Share your knowledge on how to avoid it.

6. The best solution for ____.

Problem + Solution = Problem solved

It’s as simple as that. Do you have a solution to a certain problem that your audience is struggling with? Share your knowledge on how to solve it.

If you are running a health blog, you may want to write about solving some form of health issue, such as an Acne problem or stretch marks.

7. The ultimate guide to ____.

I love ultimate guides to a certain topic or activity. Because it’s usually extremely informative and helpful. Ultimate guides need to have in-depth information about a topic and how to succeed on that specific topic.

When you decide to write this type of post, make sure you are well informed about the topic, so that you can provide quality content to your audience.

8. What you should know about ____.

Bloggers use this type of post when there is a new development in their industry, for example when a new iPhone is announced: “What you should know about the new iPhone”.

In basic essence, this type of post is an informative post. You are informing your audience about a certain topic and what it is all about.

9. How I overcame ____.

How you overcame a certain difficult situation, a situation in your life or industry can lead to a great blog post. This is how you personally managed to succeed in a difficult situation and how you can inspire your audience to do the same if they happen to be in that same situation.

This is where you can show your true personality and share what helped you in overcoming a certain situation.

10. How to start ____.

‘How to start’ blog posts are incredible, this is where you can lay the groundwork for what your audience must do to start a certain activity or business. For example:

  • How to start a blog;
  • A guide on how to start a YouTube channel;
  • How to start a career in design;
  • How you can to start a healthy lifestyle; and
  • How to start an e-commerce business.

11. Steps to take when ___.

A step-by-step guide on how to do something specific is a great idea for a blog post, it allows you to guide your audience through a difficult process. If you know how to do something through a step-by-step process, that some people may find difficult, then write about it.

I love step-by-step guides, I have searched for so many of them in my life. Especially when I was a kid, I used to search for step-by-step guides when I was struggling with a game I was playing.

These types of posts can consist of any type of problem or topic, such as:

  • Steps to take when starting a business;
  • What steps to take when buying a house;
  • Steps to take when doing a scientific investigation;
  • What steps to take when applying for a scholarship; and
  • Steps to take when baking a cake.

12. Reasons why you are failing at/in ____.

Most of us will fail at something in our life and we tend to ignore or miss the mistakes we are making. If you know why people are failing in something, then help them to realize why they are failing.

People can’t improve if they do not know why they are failing, your experience in life or in an industry may be able to help them overcome whatever they are failing at/in.

13. Secrets that you may not know about ____.

We all love secrets about topics that we relate to. This is especially true with topics that we have a strong connection to, for example, secrets that you may not know of:

  • Harry Potter;
  • Hunger Games;
  • Marketing;
  • Human behaviour; and
  • The fashion industry.

When you are writing this type of post, remember to include interesting and factual information, as this is extremely important. “Secrets that you may not know about ____” is a great way to tell a story about a topic that will intrigue readers and potentially convince them to read more of your content.

14. Advantages/disadvantages to ____.

What is the advantages or disadvantages of doing, pursuing, buying or using something? This is a great headline that you can use to write your next blog post. People need to be informed about the advantages and disadvantages of a specific topic before making a decision.

If you can help people make a better decision about something, then you need to share your opinion on that topic. How something will be beneficial to them or have a negative impact, can influence a person’s decision greatly.

15. How to become a master at ____.

We all want to become the best at something, we crave success, especially with regards to a specific interest each one of us has. But sometimes we don’t know how to become masters of those interests.

We can all be good or great at something, but it takes skill, knowledge and experience to become true masters of our specific interests.

You may know how to become a master at something, for example:

  • Archery;
  • Graphic design;
  • Photography;
  • SEO;
  • Yoga.

16. People who inspired me to ___.

We all have someone who inspired us to do something in our life that we thought was difficult or out of our comfort zones. I used to think that I would never be able to blog until I started reading Pat Fynn and Melyssa Griffins’ blogs, they truly inspired me to start blogging.

I thought to myself:

“You are not a writer, who will read your blog?”

But I got inspired by two of the best blogging experts in the world and they have helped me so much. Some people have sports stars who inspire them to pursue careers in a certain sport and others have great musical artists who inspire them to pursue music.

Who inspired you? Share that with your audience.

17. ___ Vs. ___.

This type of post works perfectly for product comparison, people tend to question if they should buy product A or product B. With so many product options in the world, which should they buy.

Provide the benefits and drawbacks of each product and tell your audience what you think is the best product for them.

You can compare anything you want to, this would most likely be something that is in your industry, for example in the blogging world, people tend to search:

“Wordpress.com Vs. WordPress.org”

This tends to get confusing, but as many other bloggers will tell you, that the recommended option is WordPress.org.

18. Checklist for/before/when ___.

Being prepared for something or making sure everything is covered is important. This type of post can fall into a wide range of topics, for example, checklist:

  • For camping;
  • For your wedding day;
  • Before buying a house;
  • Before posting your blog post;
  • When traveling overseas; and
  • When buying a used car.

These are the things that people need to consider in order to ensure that they do a specific topic correctly, this can literally be anything you can come up with.

19. Skills necessary for ___.

We may all want to pursue something in life, but do we have to right skills to actually do it? You may want to become an exceptional marketer, but do you have the necessary sales and people skills?

Skills can come naturally to people, but some people have to learn specific skills that will help them pursue they want to. Do you know what skills people need to pursue a certain career or lifestyle?

Then share that information with your audience.

20. Reasons why I chose ____.

Your personal opinion on why you chose to do something, for example:

  • The reason you chose one product over another;
  • Why you chose to visit somewhere; and
  • The reason you stopped doing something.

Explain to your audience why you were convinced to do something, what made you stop and why they should either do something or stop doing something.


Writing can be difficult, but when you use these title ideas for your blog, then it will be much easier.

It is important to stay consistent when blogging and if you struggle to come up with new blog posts, just use one of these title ideas to create valuable content for your blog.

For more ways to find ideas for your next blog post, check out this post: “How to Find Ideas for Your Next Blog Post“.