Choosing the right pairs of fonts for your blog is an essential part of starting your blog. It helps you define what type of style your blog’s brand will be.

The right type of fonts will make sure that your blog stands out, it will help differentiate you from your competitor.

There are thousands of fonts online that you can use, each with their own unique design. These fonts are usually designed to fit with specific types of fonts.

Font pairs complement each other and they consist of a heading font and a body font.

Deciding on which fonts work great together can be difficult, as it may take time to test how people react to them and how well it will work on different designs.

One of the biggest factors you need to consider when choosing a font or a pair of fonts is readability. People need to be able to clearly read your font and understand without difficulty.

I recommend staying away from any script styled fonts. These are “creative” fonts and people will struggle to read these fonts in certain situations.

These type of fonts work better with logos; headings and body fonts must be readable.

Finding fonts that are readable, look great and that complement each other can be hard. But if you want to save time, then check out these great pairs of fonts.


Pairs of fonts that you should consider:

1. PT Serif + Open Sans

2. Playfair Display + Fauna One

3. Raleway + Roboto

4. Roboto Slab + Roboto

5. Montserrat + Playfair Display

6. Source Sans Pro + Source Serif Pro

7. Aileron + Aileron Light

8. Lora + Source Sans Pro

9. Oswald + Montserrat Light

10. Nunito + Lora

These are all great pairs of fonts that you can use for your blog and any graphics that you may want to create for your blog.

You can always play around with the font styles of each font, for example: Changing Montserrat’s style from normal to bold.

Font styles help make your blog unique, which is what we all strive for in the blogging world. We want to be different and we want to stand out.

Where can you get these fonts?

Choosing a pair of fonts is the first step, the second step is making sure you have access to these fonts. These fonts can be downloaded from either Google Fonts or Font Squirrel.

Google fonts and Font Squirrel and both great websites where you can find high-quality fonts that are free to use.

If these websites don’t have a font that you are looking for, then you can search for your font in Google or any other search engine. It will most likely come up somewhere, but make sure you check the “right of use” or the copyright section before using the font.

It might not be “Free to Use” and you will have to pay for that. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because a Premium font means that fewer people will use the same font and you will have a higher chance of standing out.


Choosing the right font is an essential part of your blog and one of the key ways you can represent your brand.

Make sure that you choose fonts that you like, that will fit your brand and that will compliment each other. First impressions matter, that’s why you should make sure that your fonts look amazing.

Happy Blogging!